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Our Mission

We are here to help people achieve greater self-awareness and consciously awaken
the relationships between the body, mind, emotion, and expression of the human spirit

Reorganizational Healing

Reorganizational Healing is an approach to developing new personalized strategies to evolve health and life to more effective, vital, conscious levels. It considers intrinsic factors enhancing one’s energetic resources along with one’s most effective nature and style of change.

With Reorganizational Healing (ROH), life challenges, symptoms, and diseases become opportunities to go beyond one’s familiar baseline of living to claim a bolder more vital and resourceful state of health, wellness, productivity and life.

Our bodies are really smart.

I’m talking Hogwarts/Harvard-level smart, firstly because it’s brought you this far and secondly because it’s capable of taking you much, much further. One brilliant way our bodies take care of us is through communicating to us through symptoms – be it pain, discomfort, unhappiness, or just a sense of something’s up. Symptoms are our bodies’ way of bringing something to our attention. It’s a signal for change, and a call to take empowered action. That’s where Reorganizational Healing steps in.

Reorganization Healing includes Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato-Respiratory Integration (SRI). This care examines the relationship between the physical, emotional and/or mental symptoms that you may be experiencing and the way you are and have been living your life. That’s only just the beginning, too. Through regular spinal entrainments, we’re actually giving your nervous system an upgrade by facilitating that connection between your brain, your body, and your life. We’ll be working together to enhance your capacity to more effectively heal, grow, and move through the challenges of everyday life in a revitalized way.

Network Spinal Analysis involves soft, precise touches by a practitioner to specific points along the spine. These touches cue the brain to self-assess and correct distortions in the body while unwinding patterns of muscular tension. This care helps you identify where you are “stuck” in your body (and in your life!), while developing strategies of resourcefulness that you can return to time and time again. Over time, your body becomes a place of safety and the trustworthy vessel by which you move forward through life in a higher energetic state.

Somato-Respiratory Integration consists of focused breath and positioning exercises that are designed help you reconnect to your body’s natural rhythms of breath, movement and conscious states. SRI helps you to connect to the places of ease within your body and connect them to the areas where you hold stress. It’s about tapping into what works, and using that to guide the healing process. SRI may be incorporated into your spinal entrainment session, or scheduled as a private session.

Are you ready to explore what possibilities await you? We can’t wait to start this journey with you.

About Dr. Janet

Dr. Janet Cheng is a chiropractor and reorganizational healing practitioner in Athens, GA. She was born and raised in New York City, and never considered leaving (or learning how to drive) until she fell in love in and with Georgia. (She has since gotten her license, slowed down her walking pace, but still says “you guys” instead of “y’all.”) Dr. Janet graduated from Life University in Marietta, GA with honors and is recognized for her commitment to vitalism, the philosophy that the body is a self-organizing, self-developing, self-maintaining and self-healing organism.

Chiropractic showed up unexpectedly in Dr. Janet’s life during her an academic leave from New York University. What started as a part-time position became a full-time dedication as she saw countless lives touched by the power of gentle and specific chiropractic care. On the weekends, she frequented seminars with her chiropractor to learn more about how to support these healing processes within. She was inspired by the empowered changes that patients made in their own lives, seemingly of their own accord, and wanted to know more.

As people took ownership of their own lives all around her, Dr. Janet saw these changes mirrored in her personal life as well. For years, she had coped with depression and anxiety without truly living. Over time, something changed as she found herself choosing foods and relationships that nourished her body and soul while letting go of those that no longer fit her way of being anymore. One day, while on the adjusting table, she remembers looking up at Dr. Lisa Kirsch, her chiropractor, friend, mentor and inspiration, and asking, “Do you think that I could become a chiropractor too?” That, my friends, is how Dr. Janet ended up in Georgia.

Dr. Janet moved to Athens, GA in January 2017, and has been living it up ever since. She’s been fortunate enough to travel often during her lifetime, and is always on the lookout for the next adventure. She loves creating delicious meals in her kitchen, trying new craft beers, finding new and fun ways to move her body (right now: acro yoga!) and expanding her mind (zen meditation anyone?)

It is Dr. Janet’s personal mission to foster conscious connection in the community of Athens. She believes that self-awareness is the key to peaceful coexistence on earth, and it begins with each person that walks through her doors.